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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 23, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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a miracle in the rubble in haiti. a young man found alive after 11 days trapped in the debris. good evening. on what was supposed to be the last day of the search and rescue phase in haiti, a 23- year-old survivor of the earthquake is found in good condition. rescuers tunneled beneath the rubble of a fruit and vegetable shop to get food to him. the u.n. says haiti's government has confirmed more than 111,000 deaths in the earthquake. karen brown has the latest. >> reporter: on friday, it was a hand reaching out for life.
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israeli crews pulled emanuel butto from his home but he may be the last pulled from his home in haiti. the government has declared an end to the emergency to the search-and-rescue phase. the united nations says it's been the most successful rescue effort in its history with more than 130 people saved. but now its main focus is providing relief supplies to the estimated 1.5 million people left homeless. but signs of normalcy with returning. boys playing soccer, vendors selling their goods. the cleanup has started. but hearts were heavy outside the cathedral in port-au-prince for the archbishop killed in the quake. they share their grief, not only for their spiritual leader
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but for those killed without a funeral. and in northwest washington today, a memorial mass for victims of haiti's earthquake. ♪ hundreds of people attended the mass of the shrine of the sacred heart to remember those who perished. the search churched washington's haitian communities and one of its priests was in haiti when the earthquake struck. he heads the archdiocese in washington. a 20-year-old marine from dc is stabbed to death at a party in baltimore. lindsey mastis is in southeast washington with the latest. >> reporter: well, darius ray was stationed here and baltimore police say he and another man were stabbed while attending a party. the second man is in the hospital with serious injuries. it's a tough time for family, friends and his fellow marines.
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some are turning to facebook and sharing their memories. i'm told his family is still in the process of telling what happened. the marines are working with baltimore police and police are hoping to make some arrests in this case before the end of the day. right now, loved ones are simply trying to cope. i spoke with his sister over the phone. she says he was a wonderful man and someone who will truly be missed. live in southeast washington, i'm lindsey mastis 9news now and you wouldn't know it but heavy rain is heading our way. there are concerns about flooding. let's get straight to devon lucy. >> we're looking at flash flood warnings that will possibly go into effect tonight and into tomorrow. a flash flood warning is in effect for the counties shown here. there is a line of thunderstorms already shown up from around little rock,
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memphis, upward to illinois that turns into just rain showers. remember this very strong thunderstorm that caused a lot of problems in parts of california earlier in the week. this is the same storm system. it produced a lot of nasty weather out west. that's what we can prepare for out here. i will let you know how much rain will fall, and when it will start in the complete forecast. some customers say the utility is gouging them and they want the d.c. council to take action. armando trull has our story. >> reporter: the pepco bill is almost $10,000. this woman is flabbergasted. do you believe it's accurate? >> no. i've been in my home for ten years. i would say -- i would say i've paid $1500 for both units for the entire year. i spoke to my neighbors. they say that's impossible. >> reporter: angry customers and consumer activists urge the
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d.c. council to halt proposed rate increases. >> why do we continue to take from the needy and give to the greedy? >> reporter: they also want the council to stop power cutoffs for nonpayment? >> emergency legislation for a winter moratorium. >> reporter: and accountability for poor service and performance. >> penalize these utility companies for failure to comply for standards. >> reporter: pepco's representative was there to take the heat. >> there is accountability. >> reporter: as far as the bills for estimated usage -- >> if i go into mcdonald's or burger king, they don't charge me for how many hamburgers they think i will eat, they charge me for how many i buy. >> if they can't provide us
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access we can't read them. >> reporter: they expect to have all of the homes in d.c. hooked up by 2013. in washington, armando trull, 9news now and wusa9 now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a united airlines plane makes
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an emergency return to dullus airport after a bird is stuck into the plane's engine. it happened friday afternoon shortly after flight 915 took off for san francisco. the faa says a large bird was stuffed into the plane's right wing. no one was hurt. but the plane's right wing was cut off. hunger. it's a troubling reality for many of your neighbors these days. it's also a big shock to the system in places such as montgomery county, maryland. as our darren mcginty explains, when the old expectations collide with old reality, help steps in. >> reporter: this is montgomery county's only foot bank. but don't let the zip code fool
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you, 3300 families count on this to keep food on the table. >> great pockets of wealth and great pockets of poverty. >> reporter: and she says the pockets of poverty are growing. >> we had 349 families here picking up food. we've never seen that number. we've never broken 300 until now. >> i had to have my toes amputated on the left left. so mime handicapped. >> reporter: 57-year-old patricia kenny of germantown said she never expected to need this kind of help, but now -- >> if it wasn't for them, i don't know what i would do. >> reporter: and neither would thousands of others who rely on them all over the country, soup kitchens. for example, this backpack is part of the program.
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1100 of these go out on friday to school kids who get most of their meals through the nutrition program. without this, they might not eat. and while these shelves would seem to be piled high, they are own pace for last year but the need is greater and with the holidays coming, for them without this program -- >> it wouldn't be a holiday. it wouldn't mean anything for me. >> wendy johnson recently met us in the studios for a special surprise. 9news now gave them a charitable contribution of $10,000. it was call made possible by the gin net foundation, wusa9. it's money that will help many more families put money on the
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table. for more information go to click on the heroes section link. devon, the first part of the weekend great. changes on the way? >> yeah. it wasn't bad. but even as we warm up tomorrow, we'll have to deal with a lot more rain.
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we've been enjoying a nice part of the weekend but you are saying changes on the way. >> yeah. you won't think it's that much warmer, especially when you add in the possibility of more rain. in fact, flash flood watches go into effect tomorrow afternoon, they will go effect overnight. 53 tomorrow. that's warmer than today's 47. 60 possibly on monday before
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the actual front comes through. yes, i do think a clap of thunder is going to be possible for some areas, that is mostly going to be south, though, of the metro d.c. light winds, still chilly, 33 to 36. if anything, a couple degrees warmer in the morning hours. still holding on to the clouds in the light winds in the southeast. the winds pick up in the afternoon, 5 to 15-mile-per- hour winds in the south. that will help temperatures rise to at least the upper 40s, possibly mid-50s in the areas. here are the current temperatures, anywhere from the lower 40s, 30s. this is the flash flood watch for everyone shown here. it's not in effect for the delmarva or northern neck. it will be in effect for most of maryland and northern virginia. that flash flood watch in effect tomorrow afternoon. because of this big storm system, remember this guy? he was over southern california not too long ago creating a lot of problems. right now it's driving showers and thunderstorms through the midsouth. that's driving our way courtesy of this cold front that's gonna
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be there. that's sunday at 4:00 a.m. and then we go through sunday and monday. that's when the bulk of this system is through here. the front is finally gonna pass through here. that's what's gonna cool us down. 3:30 i think we could see light rain developing in and around washington. then as we go through the evening hours. that's where i think the heaviest rain is gonna set up here and then i think the bulk of these storms is here and yes, it could be a clap of thunder and that will be d.c. metro south, delmarva, northern neck where you could see a thunderstorm coming in. overnight sunday through monday. that's when we'll finally drive the cold front through. that will be monday afternoon, monday evening. how much rain are we talking about? i think this is close, anywhere from an inch to two inches of rain. it could fall quickly. sure, if you see an embedded thunderstorm here or there, you could see. the beltway, not all that cold
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but still chilly. could be looking at warmer temperatures east-southeast by the time we go to the afternoon. that's when we develop the rain. it won't feel that much warmer. the seven-day forecast, overnight sunday into monday is really the bulk of the heavy storms. maybe even thunderstorms at sometime. 60 before the front passes through. it's a much cooler week. >> watch it very closely. >> yeah. >> turn around, don't turn around. big upset today. >> we have a lot of sports going on in basketball. the good thing about bad weather, once we go indoors, it doesn't matter. the hoyas avoid an upset. we'll tell you what prestigious position the terps can take tonight and it seems the decision on gilbert arenas' suspension is imminent. we'll have all of that -- next.
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our team's looking good. >> it's too early in the year to say we're going to the tournament. but if you are a fan in the
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area, you have to think things are looking good. fresh off their win, the hoyas are proving they can hang with the big east. today they have to show they can't slip off. hoyas hosting a rutgers' team. first half georgetown starting off hot, chris wright, he nailed that with 4 of 5. he had 16 on the day. right before the half, austin freeman on the break. one-handed there. hoyas up 17 at the half. after the break, greg monroe, the big guy, from way outside. monroe with a game high 21. hoya rolls it 88-63. west virginia hosting ohio state. first half buckeyes up 9. adding to it william buford sinks it. ohio state up 12 at the break. no upsets today, at least in
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this game. deshaun butler. he led the mountaineers. west virginia wins it 71-65. it's not like today's game determines the season's outcome but the terrapins have a chance to put themself in a pretty sweet position in the top spot of the acc standing. hosting ncc in a game that just tipped off, starting off hot, wide open there for a 3. that would put the terps up 10. they are up 41-33 at the break. we'll have complete highlights at 11:00. the current top team in the acc. virginia at wake forest. harris from way behind at the buzzer. deacons up 19 at half-time. after the break, wake keeps their foot on the gas. the big jam, wake forest crushes virginia. so if maryland win, the terps are tied with virginia for tops
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in the afc. under ten techs in this game, scoops it up the ball. sinks the layup for the lead. virginia tech wins it 63-62. more local hoops, george mason on the road at towson. first half, the patriots up just 4. luke hancock, scores it up. morrison bring it down. in the second half, patriots lead down to 2, 5 of 8 from behind, including that 3 along with 21. mason wins it 80-71. george washington hosting richmond. 2nd half, the colonials up 1. tony taylor drives the baseline, finishes with the reverses lay-up. but tied with under 30 seconds to play, ryan butler holds up for the long jumper, and richmond wins it 62-57. patriot league action, holly cross at american.
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2nd half, eagles up 5, thad, hits it. congratulations in order for jeff jones. career win number 300 for him. rivalry game in analysis, army and navy. chris davis, perfect 4-4. he had a game high 40. 62-56. the gilbert arenas saga is far from over. according to a report, friday's wizard game was the 10th he's missed on his suspension. but espn says a decision from the commissioner will come by the end of next week. could come as early as next wednesday. a decision should be coming in the gun investigation. meanwhile, the one team in town that can do no wrong, phoenix is in town and the last time
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they lost in washington, it was 2000. the puck drops at 7:00. thank you. >> bracing for some rain. >> the rain will move in tomorrow afternoon. the heaviest rain overnight sunday into monday. thanks for watching. the cbs evening news is next. see you back here at 11:00.
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